Reseller Unique Munzee Stickers (25x)

  • $25.00

  • Reseller Unique Munzee Stickers (25x)

Reseller Unique Munzee (RUM) is unique munzee sticker. They exist in 9 versions and every single reseller has got 1 kind of RUM. Here you can buy Laupe Reseller Unique Munzee. Our RUM contains a cartoon funny version of Laupe´s face :)

Stickers are generic type and they are free to unload by QR code to your account.

Badges for deploy:

  • deploy 1 RUM
  • deploy 5 RUMs
  • deploy 10 RUMs

Badges for capture:

  • capture 5 RUMs
  • capture 10 RUMs
  • capture 25 RUMs

There are 25 stickers in one pack. Each customer can buy only one pack per month (30 days). Orders, not accepting this condition will be canceled at all and refunded back.

Capture points 15 points
Deploy points 25 points
Cap on points 10 points
25x Reseller Unique Munzee Stickers