Fire Mystery Munzee (10x)

  • $20.00

  • Fire Mystery Munzee (10x)

When captured, 3 wildfires will be spreaded in 1 mile radius. You can find them and put out the fire :) Wildfires appear on greenies for max. 2 hours or until captured.

Capture and cap on: Spreading of 60 points (counts of 5) between you and fire mystery sticker owner, minimum 10 points. (for example: capture 20, cap-on 40).
Deploy: 50 points

Capture of wildfires:

  • 80% chance you will put out the fire. You will receive 50 points and greenie owner will get 10 points.
  • 20% chance you will get burned. You will lose 5 points and greenie owner will get 10 points.

You can get 8 badges! For capture and deploy fire mysteries and for getting burned by wildfires.

Badges for capturing Fire Mystery:

  • Capture 1 Fire Mystery
  • Capture 100 Fire Mysteries
  • Capture 250 Fire Mysteries

Badges for getting burned:

  • Get burned 1 times
  • Get burned 25 times
  • Get burned 100 times

Badges for deploying Fire Mystery:

  • Deploy 1 Fire Mystery
  • Deploy 5 Fire Mysteries

There are 10 stickers in one pack. An each customer can buy only 5 packs per month (50 stickers in 30 days). Orders, not accepting this condition will be canceled at all and refunded back.

Capture points 5-55 points
Deploy points 50 points
Cap on points 5-55 points
10x Fire Mystery Munzee