• $3.50

  • Hotel

A special munzee, there are 10 free rooms when deployed. First 10 player captures will deploy 1 room. A hotel must be at least 2500 feet (~760m) from any other hotel, but will follow all other normal proximity rules.

Deploy points: 5 (deploy green) + 30 (hotel) = 35 total per hotel
Capture points: 10 points for the hotel, 5 additional points for each room. Empty hotel = 10 points. Hotel with 4 rooms rented = 10+4x5 = 30 points. Full hotel = 60 points.
Cap on points for player renting room: Complicated formula based on which room number you have rented and how many rooms are rented in the hotel. Here is the formula. (Number of rooms rented + 1 - room number owned ) x 3
Hotel owner cap on points: (current number of rented rooms) x 3 OR 40 if hotel is full. (This is not doubled from motel points but is purposeful)

More informations here.

Capture points 10-60 points
Deploy points 35 points
Cap on points 3-40 points
1x Hotel