• $1.50

  • Motel

When the owner (a premium member) deploys a Munzee motel it is available with 5 rooms to be "rented" by the first 5 players to capture. Each player who captures receives a room, which is actually deploying a Munzee inside the motel, though no additional action is needed by the player. The player will receive residual points based on those who capture the motel after them. The earlier you capture a motel the more points you receive through incoming residual points.

A motel must be at least 1000 feet (~333m) from any other motel, but will follow all other normal proximity rules.

Deploy: 20 points
Capture: 5 points / occupied room. If motel is full, 30 points.
Cap on for players with rented room: It depends on order of your rented room.
Cap on for owner: 3-30 points

More information here.

Capture points 5-30 points
Deploy points 20 points
Cap on points 3-30 points
1x Motel