Personal Munzee

  • $10.00

  • Personal Munzee

Our personal munzee is made from high quality non scratch plastic material. There is a special sand layer on the surface. You can carry it together with your credit card - it's the same size!

Your personal munzee. Unlike social munzee, your personal munzee produces points and it is bounded to a particular place. You have to deploy it first and after that other players can capture it in 1 mile radius. You can change a capture location 3 times per day. You can capture it everywhere, even if other munzees are near you.

Owner capture: 10 points
Other players: 5-45 points (spreading of 50 points between owner and other player, for example other player gets 15 points, owner gets 35 points)

This kind of munzee is printed on plastic card (size of credit card) and you will get an appending label as well, so you can put it on your bag, clothes…

Capture points 5-45 points
Deploy points 10 points
Cap on points 5-45 points
1x Personal Munzee